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This podcast is all about having a good time. Dusty Slay is a professional stand up comedian and this podcast is all about his life on the road, his journey as a man and as a comedian. 10 Episodes dedicated to How To Become a Comic, published 6/19/2019, Season 2 Episode 1-10
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Latest Episodes…

  1. How to Become A Comic, Step 16: Feature Work, New Jokes, Cooking on the Road

    Dusty Slay and Hannah Hogan launch a new 10 part series on how to become a comic. This is week 16 and we've run out of advice. ...


  2. How To Become a Comic, Step 15: Tips for Air Travel

    Dusty and Hannah discuss their weird weekend in West Palm Beach. Dusty opens for a hypnotist, they both have strange customer service experiences and Hannah gets hit on at the bar. Plus, Dusty gives airplane travel tips. How to invest in a credit card point system, choose the aisle seat on ...


  3. How to Become A Comic, Step 14: Tips to Survive and Thrive on the Road

    Dusty and Hannah continue their in depth analysis on what it takes to make it in comedy. This week, Dusty gives advice on how to successfully work the road on a budget. From chosing the best truck stop to lining up extra gigs, find out how to take control of ...


  4. How To Become a Comic, Step 13: Gratitude and 9/11 Stories

    No formal advice this week! Dusty is having a busy September so the couple catches up on  shows for the Nashville Predators, Connecticut, and Las Vegas. Plus Hannah and Dusty argue over what constitutes good country music and share their 9/11 stories. Check out comedian Emma Willmann and music by the Highwomen. ...


  5. How to Become a Comic, Step 12: Finding Your Identity as a Comedian

    Dusty and Hannah continue their series on How to Become a Comedian. This week, they discuss how to find your identity on stage and in the comedy community.  Plus, Dusty talks shows in Albany, NY and the Grand Ole Opry. Hannah breaks down her early mid life crisis.  ...