We're Having a Good Time

--- Dusty Slay ---

This podcast is all about having a good time. Dusty Slay is a professional stand up comedian and this podcast is all about his life on the road, his journey as a man and as a comedian. 10 Episodes dedicated to How To Become a Comic, published 6/19/2019, Season 2 Episode 1-10

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Crazy Roommate Stories

    Hannah and Dusty catch up after a week off of podcasting. Dusty opens for the band Alabama, plays the Grand Ole Opry again, and Hannah talks Arkansas and Alabama shows. Plus, the couple swap crazy roommate stories. Tales from when they were both a little younger, wilder, and dumber. Follow us on ...


  2. Possums, Bad Roommates, The band Alabama, Taking a Comedy Class

    Dusty talks about his 8 day trip in LA and how he is about to pen for the band Alabama. Hannah talks about Go Bananas and The Grove. Together they discuss possums, bad roommates, and should you take a comedy class. ...


  3. Dusty has an Estranged Wife, Randy Newman, and Advice to Comics JUST DO IT

    Dusty talks about his estranged wife Hannah, shares his up coming shows in Los Angeles and advises artists to just do it.  ...


  4. Dusty films for Comedy Central and travels to Montana

    Dusty does a solo episode talking about going to Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin Texas, Comedy Central in LA and shows in beautiful Montana! ...


  5. Hannah's country music playlist

    A hot solo episode of Hannah's favroites country music songs ...