We're Having a Good Time

--- Dusty Slay ---

This podcast is all about having a good time. Dusty Slay is a professional stand up comedian and this podcast is all about his life on the road, his journey as a man and as a comedian. 10 Episodes dedicated to How To Become a Comic, published 6/19/2019, Season 2 Episode 1-10
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Latest Episodes…

  1. LSD, Peeing in Cups, Advice to younger comics

    Dusty Slay and Hannah Hogan are husband and wife and also both comedians! They discuss life on the road, conspiracies and childhood stories. In this episode Dusty and Hannah talk about their recent trips on the road to Springfield MO, Panama City Beach, Seaside, and Alabama. They give advice to younger comics. The ...


  2. Advice to Younger Comics, Ghosts, Life on an Alabama Farm

    The Episode Dusty discusses The Stardome in Birmingham Alabama, James Gregory, Blue Room Comedy Club in Springfield, Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville, advice for how to get booked in a comedy club, Three Men and a Baby, Ted Dansen, Ghosts, Unsolved Mysteries, and growing up on a farm. ...


  3. Dusty joined the army, moved back into a trailer park and witnessed crime.

    This podcast covers Dusty's shows in Dalton, Georgia & Hartwell, Georgia with James Gregory, Hannah's shows in Buffalo, NY with Jimmy Pardo. Is well known conspiracy theorist Alex Jones actually deceased comedian Bill Hicks? Dusty joined the army in 2001, Dusty went to jail in 2001, Dusty moved back to the trailer ...


  4. Dusty has been shot and stabbed before.

    This episode Dusty and Hannah talk about their gigs in Memphis, Indianpolis, Buffalo, OBX, Williamsburg and in Georgia.  Dusty also talks more about his childhood in Opelika. From playing football, to being shot and being stabbed.  Also Dusty offers advice to new comics on getting booked in Comedy Clubs. ...


  5. Our Guest Joe Denim has a good time.

    Dusty and Hannah talk about Comedy Catch in Chattanooga, Tn and Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville, Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis and The Comedy Club of the Outer Banks in Kill Devil Hills, NC. Then Dusty interviews Country Singer and Comedian Joe Denim.  Find Joe Denim on social media:  Twitter: @DenimJoe Instagram: @TheRealJoeDenim Facebook: @DenimJoe Website: ...