We're Having a Good Time

--- Dusty Slay ---

This podcast is all about having a good time. Dusty Slay is a professional stand up comedian and this podcast is all about his life on the road, his journey as a man and as a comedian. 10 Episodes dedicated to How To Become a Comic, published 6/19/2019, Season 2 Episode 1-10
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep 25 Bulldog the Mississippi.

    In this episode Dusty is pumped up. He rambles on about how fired up he is about comedy and place lots of music from the 90's and the song "This Cowboys Hat" by Chris Ledoux. Its a great episode. Where hes been: San Antonio, Texas Where hes going: Chattanooga, TN ...


  2. Ep 24 Lexington, San Antonio, Lonestar

    Where we've been: Lexington, KY Where we're going: San Antonio, TX Dusty complains about masks...again. Dusty talks about the song "I'm already there" by Lonestar.  Dusty gives advice to comics on various things. We're having a good time. ...


  3. Ep 23 Stories about Jon Lovitz, Raliegh, Lexington

    Dusty talks about working with Jon Lovitz and Bert Kriescher. Dusty and Hannah talk about touring a mobile home factory. Where we've been: Goodnights Comedy Club, Raliegh, NC Where we're going: Comedy Off Broadway, Lexington, KY ...


  4. Ep 22 Dusty's Favorite Alabama Songs

    In this episode Dusty gives a rundown of his favorite songs about Alabama.   dustyslay.com ...


  5. Ep 21 After Selling Pesticides 2013

    This is Dustys journey after selling Pesticides is over. He talks about the month he spent in NYC and his first tour.  In this episode Dusty also talks about fixing his stove and getting poison ivy.     ...