Mud Water Hotels and Be Confident by Being Confident

April 03, 2019

Hannah and Dusty sit down to talk about their weekends in North Carolina and New York State. They riff on advice to comics: how to be confident if you're not actually confident. Plus, country music Hannah doesn't care for, but obviously, Dusty loves.  Dusty and Hannah will be performing Wednesday, April 10th at Dusty Slay's Grand Ole Comedy Show as a part of the Nashville Comedy Festival. Grab your tickets now. Share. Like. Listen. Repeat!  

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Hannah talks Washington State tour, Dusty is still a good ol' country BOY

March 28, 2019

Hannah resturns from a three week hiatus from the podcast to talk her 10 day tour in Washington state, Dusty talks his shows in the mid west. The two talk bad rap and country music. 

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Dusty meets Charlie Daniels and Robert Kelly

March 20, 2019

Dusty is back! Dusty goes to the Grand Ole Opry and meets Charlie Daniels! Dusty works with Robert Kelly. More advice to comics on becoming a better comedian!

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Dusty goes back on the tour bus, Hannah goes back on social media!

February 28, 2019

Dusty goes back on the Tour Bus with Bert Kreischer, Hannah goes back on Social Media, Hannah and Dusty share personal stories about Brody Stevens and play music from Ernest Tubb. Dusty will be in Phoenix Feb 28th- March 3rd

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Car Fights, Hannah gets stranded, Dusty goes to college

February 20, 2019

Dusty does a NACA audition for colleges. Hannah gets stuck at the North Pole. Advice on what to do with an old joke. Hannah and Dusty have a fight in the car. Hannah heads back to Crackers and Dusty goes back on the Tour Bus with Bert Kreischer.  

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