We're Having a Good Time

--- Dusty Slay ---

This podcast is all about having a good time. Dusty Slay is a professional stand up comedian and this podcast is all about his life on the road, his journey as a man and as a comedian. 10 Episodes dedicated to How To Become a Comic, published 6/19/2019, Season 2 Episode 1-10

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep 57 Dusty talks about joining the army in 2001

    In this episode Dusty talks in great detail about his journey joining the army after high school.  ...


  2. Ep 56 Dusty recaps a month of travel, talks about his baby, Bible Talk

    This episode is basically just a big recap of what Dusty has been up to for a month with his baby, with comedy and in life. Also there is a bit of bible talk spread throughout and an overall nice message about how God is good and politics are stupid. ...


  3. Ep 55 Opelika was great!

    I went back to Opelika and it was great! Movies with Michael Keaton! Tyler Childers and some bible talk! ...


  4. Ep 54 Tom Cruise and Jimmy Buffett

    What is a podcast really supposed to be about? Where I've been, where i'm going and what did i eat? ...


  5. Ep 53 Mel Gibson, Ex Girlfriend, Charleston Improv

    Dusty is back talking about Nashville, Knoxville, Charleston and Mel Gibson ...